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Manuel Arduino Pavón

Manuel Arduino Pavón

Uruguay (1955- )

The name of this uruguayan writer has been known in the cultural spectrum due to his vast work, as a direct consequence of what has been a whole life dedicated to the creative task. He studied Literature in Montevideo, Uruguay, and published his first novel 200 Palestinas para un músculo (1975) when he was just a twenty years old. Since that moment his work started increasing making him well-known in Montevideo´s cultural scenario, and later in Spain and around some Latinamerican countries, such as Puerto Rico, Argentina, and México, where he was published both in digital and paperback versions. He has won several prices and mentions for his work among the different literary genders such as poetry, novel, short stories and tales, and specially micro-stories, a formal gender he inherited from other south american writers. He was finalist in the II International Short Story and Poetry contest 'Don M. Hernández', awarded by the Asociación de Escritores Argentinos y Uruguayos in 2003; later, he got the first place in the 'Jorge Luis Borges' Short story competition (2008).

He has explored what is involved with the content and the formal spheres, building a career that is definitely characterized for his versatility. In this order of ideas he has been working into esoteric and hermetic topics, which are personal interests that have been useful for him as a writer like a laboratory where he has discovered his own style. Among the most known works he has published there is the novel Las ruinas azules. Historias arquetípicas y maravillosas (1991) and a short stories collection titled Diarios de un refugiado (2008). These are just a few titles from a long list of publications; during 2011 two more anthologies of tales and stories were added: Los milagros de Woolkmark y otras historias, published in Mexico; and Solo yo, published in USA in a digital version as an attempt to reach the spanish-speaking audience.

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