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Pombo y su combo

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Pombo y su combo

> Rafael Pombo

Children's poetry

ISBN (epub): 9789588732404
ISBN (mobi): 9789588732398

Pombo y su Combo, illustrated edition, is a fresh and revitalized collection of stories written by the colombian poet Rafael Pombo while he was living in United States. The versed tales that appear here were originally published in the late nineteenth century: Cuentos pintados (1867), Cuentos morales para niños formales (1869) and Fábulas y verdades (1871). They were part of an educational project aimed to draw limits on civil ethics in the colombian society after the independence. However, over the years, readers have been attracted by the comic stories and funny characters recreated by the poet. The virtue of these pieces undoubtedly lies in its validity and the multiplicity of readings that they allow, even today, to both children and adults.

This edition includes a selection of the best known stories, with which many generations grew up, led by Simon el Bobito, La pobre viejecita and the famous Rinnrin Renacuajo, among others; it also includes some others stories that didn’t have much echo but were created with the same melodic and lively style, and built in order to reach a concise moral advise at the end. As readers, we have the precise excuse to remind the national poet, taking on account that in 2012 we celebrate a century of his death. Rocio Parra’s illustrations pretend to stain with shadows a world that has been usually coloured with pastel colors in children’s literature; they also tends to investigate the alleged inocence that supports them. We will see what happens when memories are removed from the commonplace. A preface and an author’s biography, written by Laura Reyes Franco, colombian, are also included.

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